Our Mission

To Empower Girls Through Athletic Scholarships

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Pink Empowered Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation awards athletic sponsorships to girls, ages 5 to 18, who are unable to afford the fees associated with participating in sports.

Pink Empowered Foundation founders, Tyna Murphy and Jessica Barden, also operate two girls lacrosse organizations (Desert Stix and Desert Heat) in Arizona. As long-time coaches, officials, and mentors, they have encountered numerous athletes that are unable to participate in sports due to funding. They have also witnessed the positive transformations that happen when girls participate in sports. These include improved self-esteem, increased mental and physical strength, the ability to set and achieve goals, and the skills and motivation to overcome obstacles. Believing that all young athletes should have the opportunity to play sports, regardless of their family’s financial situation, Tyna and Jessica founded the Pink Empowered Foundation.

If you’re interested in empowering girls by supporting the Foundation’s mission, please visit our Donate page. Donors, volunteers, and other supporters are always welcomed and appreciated!